Install a Door That's Fun and Easy to Use

Add folding doors to your home in Denver, CO

Large doors don't have to be hard to open. Folding doors will let you maximize the size of your door while remaining smooth and easy to operate. Cornerstone Openings Colorado, Inc. provides custom folding door retail services in Denver, CO. We'll help you design a door that's beautiful, elegant and designed to fit your space.

Enjoy a fully functional door that will give you easy access to the outdoors. Schedule your folding door consultation today.

folding doors denver co

Why choose folding doors?

There are several options when it comes to your doors. Choose one that will give you the look and feel you want while also being easy to use.

Our folding doors are...

  • Top hung, making their operation smooth and effortless.
  • Made of thermally controlled glass for extra protection and efficiency.
  • Built to last, so you can view the great outdoors through a door that stands up to severe weather.

Call 720-595-4921 to arrange for an on-site consultation. We'll measure your space and help you design a door you'll love.